Wildlife on the Beagle Channel

On my last day in Ushuaia, I booked a boat trip on the Beagle Channel and prayed for good weather. The waterway was discovered in 1830 and is 180 kms long. It provides a divide between Argentina and Chile.
Fortunately, I woke up to a beautiful day and had a feeling that this was going to be a much better excursion than the one yesterday. Our first stop was to watch the sea lions. They are so comical, especially as they sluggishly move from one rock to another. They are very agile in water but the complete opposite on land! We then sailed by several bird islands and stopped at the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse which was the is a famous lighthouse in Ushuaia. The highlight was the last stop at penguin island. Our boat docked on the island and we watched hundreds of penguins from the deck. They swam, waddled and bathed in the sun. I could have watched them all day!
On the way back, I met a woman from San Francisco. She worked at Visa for 24 years and had just retired in December. She was also very well-travelled but had Patagonia on her wish list a long time. She looked very happy to be here, as I was!
I made it back to Ushuaia in time for my flight to Ecuador. I was leaving at 8pm and wouldn’t get there until noon the next day because of an 8-hour layover in Buenos Aires. It was going to be a long night!

Top: Les Eclaireurs – The end of the world lighthouse in Ushuai
Bottom: Visiting the penguins was one of the highlights of my trip

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My name is Sabita. Over the years, my name has inspired many nicknames. Here are just a few: Mamma Sab, Sab Daddy, Sab Sab, Sabilicious, Sabzilla and Sabi. I’m sure I’ll acquire a few more during my latest travels! I was born in England and moved to Toronto when I was 10. I have lived in this great city for most of my life. I am a single woman which gives me the freedom to be spontaneous. I love to travel and have had the fortune to visit beautiful places like Australia, Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali and Cambodia. This blog is about the power of positive thinking and my adventures on my latest trip to South America.
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  1. Jency Abarca says:

    Wow Sabi!!..this sure was an amazing journey, so many wonders out there to see, this is definitely a great a post card shot. It’s good to have you back.



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