The fascinating giant tortoises

The next morning we disembarked from the boat but had one last excursion before the airport. We stopped off on another unique island that looked like a fishing village. It was very picturesque and lush with some cute cafes on the main street.
One of the things I loved the most about the Galapagos was the distinctly different landscape of each island. We started our first day with one that looked like the desert with stunning yellow and red rock, another was harsh and striking with jagged rock and little vegetation, the next was like an island paradise with a beautiful beach and the last one looked like a tropical jungle with green rolling hills.
We took a 40-minute bus ride to a breeding ground for giant tortoises. I thought it was going to be like a zoo but like the rest of the Galapagos it was a very natural environment. A tortoise greeted us a soon as we arrived. Giant tortoises weigh up to 500 pounds and can live for up to 150 years. You wouldn’t want one of these guys to step on your toe!
We headed to the breeding area for baby tortoises between one and three years. They were extremely cute and very tiny. One flipped on its back and we watched it wave its legs and neck in a valiant attempt to flip over. Despite our cheering he couldn’t quite make it all the way over so one of the guides gave him a helping hand and used a stick to flip him over.
I mistakenly thought tortoises were slow, docile animals but I was so wrong! We were lucky enough to see a group of about 10 males at feeding time. Even though there was lots of food, they would aggressively go after each other’s food. I kneeled down to take a picture with them and quickly jumped up when one of them started hissing at me. They’re not very pretty and not very nice, but they are incredibly fascinating!

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