Natural beauty of Rio

Even though it was surprisingly hard for us to find a good party in Rio (probably because people were all partied out from carnival the week before), the city is absolutely gorgeous. It is made up of many beautiful beaches, forests and mountains and has a vibrant city that inspires singers, painters and poets.
We spent Sunday exploring the Ipenema Market and the beautiful Ipenema Beach. We watched the sunset and then climbed a lookout to see the city sparkle from above. That night we went out for an authentic Brazilian barbecue where the servers brought every type of meat possible to our table. We ate everything from filet mignon to chicken hearts (actually I didn’t eat the chicken hearts but my friend loves them!) While we were eating, a man brought over his brother’s baby to entice us into talking to him. It was a very lame move and we turned him down when he offered us drinks after dinner.
That night, we met some guys from California and headed to a party. It turns out that it was a gay club and there were lots of public displays of affection as soon as we walked in. My friends and I were cool with it – the music and club were amazing. However, the guys made a quick exit. We partied until the wee hours and went back to the hostel for a night cap. Tip: Always take your ID to a club. Your ID is used to create your own personal card that functions like a credit card. They put your cover on the card and then your drinks are added throughout the night. You pay the balance at the end of the night. Even though I prefer to just bring cash, bring a credit card just in case. Our cover was higher than stated on the website so we barely had enough money to pay for our bar bill and taxi!

Brazilian BBQ

Patricia, Barbara, me and Kim at a Brazilian feast

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