Last day in Rio

On Monday we did a city tour where our first stop was to see Christ the Redeemer, one of the most famous tourist icons of Brazil and the world. The statue is 30 feet high and sits high above the city. It is not only a work of art but a symbol of the strong and predominantly catholic faith in Rio.
We also took two cable cars up Sugar Loaf Mountain. We were so high that we saw the city from above the clouds. Beaches and marinas surrounded the city and vultures soared in front of us. It was definitely one of the most breathtaking city views I have ever seen, rivalled only by The Peake in Hong Kong.
That night was our last in Rio. We met an awesome guy, Manuel, from Holland who always knew where the best parties were. Unfortunately, despite reliable sources, both clubs he recommended were closed. We ended up having drinks at a local pub and then headed back to the hostel. It turns out that our hostel was once again the most happening place in town. It was our last night so we said goodbye to many of the friends we met. We met some new Aussies that night who were staying in an apartment directly opposite the hostel. They invited us back to their place to “see the incredible view”. It was already 3am. I knew that if I went, it would be a very late night so I wisely declined. However, the guys would not take no for an answer and one of them literally picked me up and carried me across the road!
I stayed for a couple of drinks but headed back around 5 to get some sleep before our journey to Florionopolis (Floripa). Unfortunately, Kim stayed a lot longer and was severely hurting for our travels the next day.
The girls at the Christ the Redeemer statue and the colourful Lapa steps

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  1. Rocco says:

    Your blog from begining to finish was awesome. Very informative and descriptive. It left me wondering why I don’t away more often. Sounds like you had plenty of fun. Wish I was there!

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