Paradise in Brazil

Barra Beach Club
We spent the second half of our stay in Florionopolis – a gorgeous area with lots of quaint beach towns. Barbara booked our second hostel and, while our room was tiny, it was an amazing place. It’s called Barra Beach Club and is directly on the beach. The hostel provides free caipirinhas from 7 to 7:30 and delicious home cooked meals for only 8 US dollars. The place is packed every night. Even people from other places come for the great food, drinks and company. We met lots of awesome people from Australia, the UK, Holland and even fellow Canadians. Every night was an adventure. We went to a party at a small bar on the beach and enjoyed many cocktails at the local bar in town called Galapagos. Nice coincidence that my stop before Brazil was in the Galapagos Islands! My friends became regular customers at a tiny beach bar that served vodka shots for 3 bucks US. I tried one and nearly puked! For that price it tasted like gasoline. One shot was more than enough for me!
In the day, we slept in and had great breakfasts overlooking the water. I realized it was the first time since the beginning of the trip that I could relax and let each day unfold. We explored the natural pools and beaches. One of our explorations took us to Mole Beach where there were two awesome beach bars that had fabulous food, cocktails and music. We got caught there in a rain storm and it turned out to be one of my best times on the trip.
My favourite party was at Cafe de Musique which had a daytime party from 2 until 10 pm. It started slowly but the club filled up by 6 and the dj had practically everyone dancing. It reminded me of Nikki Beach in Miami. I was in heaven and we danced until the very end! Patricia and Barbara went to another party at midnight but Kim and I went to sleep – very content and tired after the fabulous first party.

Girls at Cafe Music

Kim, Barbara, Patricia and I danced up a storm at Cafe de Musique

Canadians take over Barra Beach - Andy, Patricia, me, Kim and Goran

Mole Beach Bar

Barbara, Mattheus, me, Kim and Danny at a Mole Beach bar - some of the best cocktails on the trip!

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