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Floripa sunsetAfter the hectic trip to the falls, I was looking forward to a few final days by the beach before returning home. We had a tough time finding accommodations last minute for the weekend so we went back to the Barra Beach Club Hostel that we loved. Patricia and I wanted a private room so we got the owner’s back up which pretty much up consisted of a shack for midgets! At least we had our own private space and the beach.
It was Saturday night so we went out to a club called Pacha. I had high expectations because I had been to Pacha in Spain. It was beautiful with a gorgeous crowd and awesome house music. This club could not have been more opposite with brutal music and an extremely young crowd – they let in 16-year olds! We drank tequila shots in an attempt to have a good time and finally spent a good chunk of change to party in the VIP area. It turned out to be the worst and most expensive night of the trip.
Fortunately, the next day we woke up to a view of the beach and beautiful sunshine. We hung out at the private beach of the hostel and went for a long walk on the main beach close by at sunset. It was the perfect relaxing day and the first time I felt ready to go home. I felt like I had seen everything I had wanted to see and the content wave that washed over me felt amazing.
For dinner that night, we found out about a fabulous sushi place called Sushi Roots from Jena, an awesome girl we met when we first stayed at Barra. She’s, by far, one of the coolest people I have ever met. Jenna is originally from Texas, lived in the UK and is now traveling around the world for a year looking for places to go kite surfing – her latest passion. She’s an amazing storyteller and her life story is unique to say the least. My favourite was the story of her pet rooster named Charlie who was a mean little monster who bit both Jena and her sister. After her sister showed her mom her bloody knee, Jena’s mom grabbed the shot gun (hanging in the children’s bedroom!), took aim and fired at the rooster. She then served Charlie up for dinner. I guess that’s life in Texas!
This was one of many stories Jena told us at the wonderful sushi place overlooking the lagoon in town. e had a huge feast of sushi and drank delicious kiwi and pineapple capisakis. We also got to know Daniele from Italy who now lives in London. He joined us girls for dinner and fit right in. Our decadent Japanese dinner was a wonderful wrap up to a perfect day.
The next morning we woke up and had breakfast at Barra with some guests at the hostel. David from Australia was checking out that day and told us another crazy story. He woke up in his room at 6:30 to see someone wearing his hat and stealing his back pack! Luckily, he didn’t lose anything too valuable. But it reminded me again of how dangerous Brazil is. Almost everyone I talked to had been robbed or knew someone who had been robbed!
That day we moved out of the shack and into a new hostel where we had our own private room. The Tucano Hostel had been voted number one hostel in Brazil. It was very cute with lots of friendly staff. But we missed our friends at Barra Beach Club. Little did we know that we would be back a couple of times before leaving Brazil!

Night out at Pacha

Girls' night out at Pacha

Barra Hostel

It's a dog's life at Barra Beach Hostel

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