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When my world crumbled back in December, I never would have dreamed that the first few months of 2012 would be so amazing. Even though I started out on my own with no itinerary, the trip came together perfectly. I have to thank Agnes and Alex for introducing me to the beauty of South America. And, a second big thank you to Agnes for introducing me to Patricia, Barbara and Kim in Brazil. I would never have gone on my own since Brazil is not the safest place. However, being with them on our many crazy adventures was fabulous. Patricia and I were joined at the hip from the time we met. She was a breath of fresh air with her passion for life, her positive energy and free spirit.
Thanks to the girls and our hostel living, we made many new friends from around the world. With Faceboook, I know we will stay in touch and even see each other again!
I am also lucky because I came home to a new job. I interviewed just before leaving for South America and got the job offer the week after I got there. I am the head of digital marketing for a leading professional services organization. I still can’t believe they waited for me for two months so I could take my trip. I am truly blessed to have an amazing job to come home too.
While I am very excited about my job, travel will continue to be my passion. Who know where I will head to next, but I will blog again! A final thank you to my friend, Dj, for helping me set up my blog. Thanks to him, I have been able to capture so many amazing memories of my trip. I hope you enjoy sharing my adventures with me!

About Sabi

My name is Sabita. Over the years, my name has inspired many nicknames. Here are just a few: Mamma Sab, Sab Daddy, Sab Sab, Sabilicious, Sabzilla and Sabi. I’m sure I’ll acquire a few more during my latest travels! I was born in England and moved to Toronto when I was 10. I have lived in this great city for most of my life. I am a single woman which gives me the freedom to be spontaneous. I love to travel and have had the fortune to visit beautiful places like Australia, Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali and Cambodia. This blog is about the power of positive thinking and my adventures on my latest trip to South America.
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