About Me

My name is Sabita. Over the years, my name has inspired many nicknames. Here are just a few: Mamma Sab, Sab Daddy, Sab Sab, Sabilicious, Sabzilla and Sabi. I’m sure I’ll acquire a few more during my latest travels!
I was born in England and moved to Toronto when I was 10. I have lived in this great city for most of my life. I am a single woman which gives me the freedom to be spontaneous. I love to travel and have had the fortune to visit beautiful places like Australia, Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali and Cambodia. This blog is about the power of positive thinking and my adventures on my latest trip to South America.
I left Toronto on January 18 and my travels will take me to Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador and Brazil over two months. I’m writing this blog because so many of my friends have asked me to share my stories so they can live vicariously through me. I am blessed to have many wonderful friends in my life and I hope this blog will help us stay connected while I’m away. Enjoy!

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